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Pimples-Cleanser (Big)

Original price was: ₦12,000.00.Current price is: ₦10,000.00.Approximately: $19.00

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?JennyGlowskincare pimples- cleansers is a set to help cleanse impurities from your skin . The pimples cleansers? will help remove excessive oil, makeup, sweat and dirt including some dead skin cell from your body/face.

Importance of the cleansers is to help in refreshing your skin and giving your complexion a chance to breathe. The cleansing set contains divergent forms of products in one to help boost your result.

The? JennyGlowskincare- pimples cleanser LIQUID CONTAINER? helps to dry up the dead skin cells, exfoliates your skin, kills the skin bacteria and dissolves every swellings and reddish spots and clears every breakout/acneing spots.

Jennyglowskincare -pimples cleanser LIQUID CONTAINER is used with a cotton wool to apply on the affected areas on the skin or face and finally rejuvenate your skin for continuous glowing.



?JennyGlowskincare-Brightening glow soap.

Jennyglowskincare-Brightening-Glow Organic Soap is suitable for your face and your body so you can look stunning all over. For best results use it twice every day and watch your skin transform day by day.

The brightening glow soap helps you to reduce the negative factors in the skin. It moisturizes and makes your skin glow and look fresh and young.


  • MOISTURIZE & NOURISH: Thanks to its luscious, rich texture with coconut oil and hyaluronic acid, this brightening glow soap will penetrate deeply into the deepest layers of your skin to nourish and hydrate the cells giving you back that fresh, youthful glow!


  • SAFE FOR FACE & BODY USE: Wash your face and body with this soap and get ready to be amazed by its stunning results! If you?ve already tried everything with no success, don?t fret! TryJennyglowskincare brightening glow soap today.


  • NOT TESTED ON ANIMALS, NO SLS, PARABEN FREE: The brightening glow? soap is ideal for daily use. Being natural, it makes an excellent addition to your everyday beauty care routine. So why wait? Grab yours now!
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