Snow White Lotion (350ml)


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Snow White Lotion is made with powerful, natural and organic ingredients that work to produce phenomenal skin whitening results while giving an even and glowing skin.

It is the most powerful natural whitener.

It is specially formulated with the best ingredients to instantly whiten the skin.

Usage of Snow White Lotion

Apply twice daily (morning and evening) this should only be done after the skin has been properly cleansed

Snow white salve that gives viable and escalated treatment on tanned skin giving it a brilliant white skin.

“Across the board”

Brightening item that can be utilized all around the body including, face, under-arms and even thigh sides.

Snow White Lotion can likewise eliminates scars, skin break out scars and even complexion..

It can control melanin and further develop bluntness of skin ? silk protein has impact limit on creation of melanin. Silk amino acids limit the exercises of butyric corrosive catalyst in skin which will develop melanin. Cream can work on the bluntness of skin from back to front.

Best use for:

? After sun tanning, sun related burn with redness, agony and tingle, with yellow or dark spots.

? Suitable for individuals influenced from long haul heat harmful, tired skin and matured by sluggish digestion.

? Long time PC clients who are presented to cell phone radiation, whose skin has become dull and dry.

– Those that regularly utilizes substantial restorative and cover make-up, whose skin needs oxygen and has weighty metal affidavit or presented to metal testimony, sediment and other metropolitan contamination and poisons.

? People that experiences restless evenings, keep awake until late, smoking and have dull, yellowing, dry and harsh skin with enormous pores.

The most effective method to utilize:

In the wake of cleaning up, take fitting measure of moisturizer and uniformly apply to the body, particularly the uncovered parts.

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